Introduction to ObjectTech

ObjectTech are transforming your travel experience through Airports, Borders and Events. For people, we bring seamless travel, personalised services, and security with privacy wherever you go. For governments and businesses, we bring more accurate and efficient services for identity management.

ObjectTech Group presents modern identity management by unlocking the power of new cybersecurity technologies including AI, multi-factor Biometrics and Blockchain.

Leading the Blockchain Community

Partners with UK’s leading cyber security university programs which are backed by the UK government.

Convenor of the ISO Global Blockchain and DLT Standards Committee

UK Government recognized ‘High Potential Export Growth’ business, with Trade Missions in Australia and Middel East 

Winners Barclays Blockchain Identity Hackathon.

Reimagining Global Identity

Hub Airports
In making self sovereign identity digital we can also build the foundation for digital passports. By linking personal data to a biometric profile, we reimagine how a passport identity is viewed to create a seamless travel experience that works better for the customer and the destinations border control. We are building the glue that can hold together digital products and services in a way that is fully compliant with privacy regulations.

This makes border control easier for the airport, and reassures the government of the country, that they know who exactly is coming through their doors and when.

ObjectTech are currently leading this digital revolution with an identity platform for global Hub Airports.

Banking and Finance
Compliance with new regulation, better customer data, reduced liability and huge costs savings. Our system is a revolution in how banks manage customers.

Customer data represents a significant cost and liability. With new General Data Protection Regulation this rises to fines of 4% of global turnover for non-compliance. Compliance is almost impossible on the current systems employed by the big baking world. Our solution reduces liability and costs while giving the banks access to better, always up to date data on their customer. It makes their customers the custodian of their own data.

ObjectTech provides instant customer on boarding, fulfilling not just “Know You Customer” and “Anti Money Laundering” requirements but providing real new customer insight.

The Incredible Team

ObjectTech has a highly talented team re-imagining identity solutions. Our diverse team of corporate and social entrepreneurs are a collection collection of award winning innovators who share a common goal – to bring identity management into the modern world, regain control by people and create richer data insights for global service providers.

ObjectTech’s CEO, Paul Ferris, has been listed as one of the worlds Top 100 Leaders in Identity

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ObjectTech’s Creative Director, Clive Grinyer, recently making the 2018’s Top Creative Leaders List.

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Launch of the National Cyber Security Academy in Dubai in partnership with University South Wales

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