ObjectTech is a leader on Trust and Identity.
By creating a global distributed identity eco-system we are reimagining products and services for consumers, businesses, governments and not-for-profit organisations across numerous market sectors.

ObjectTech’s vision for seamless travel by 2020

We are transforming how people travel. By creating digital passports, travellers can walk off a plane and straight through to their taxi without having to stop at a gate. This is about so much more than travel and leads into our work creating a fully verified digital wallet and from there to your digital you.

For the first time, individuals can own their identity and use it not only to transact online in a safe and secure way, but to pass through borders seamlessly. One day you shall have your own identity, completely within your control that allows you to pass through life easily, privately and securely.

Hub airports

We are working with hub airports in the area of high volume border control. We are creating a world first fully digital passport, that not only allows ‘gate-less’ travel but will revolutionise the way identity is used. Your data under your control, used how and when you want.

Your digital identity follows you on your travels, hardening trust and security at each port. ObjectTech’s approach provides for the fastest ‘onboarding program’ for a new, decentralised identity in the World.


Through our work with global standards, commercial partnerships and international working groups, we are advocating for true control and transparency for your digital identity and data, by you, for you. While we are uncompromising in security and privacy, your identity will serve those there to keep us safe while giving you the control they need to be effective.

By collaborating with leaders in cybersecurity and blockchain, alongside our participation with global universities, we are making this 10X vision a reality.


With a proven track record of disruptive innovation, we have been in this space for more than eight years.

Our solution is not only fully compliant with privacy and security regulations, such as PSD2 & GDPR; it exceeds both the letter and intentions of these initiatives. Our solution is built to last, quantum resistant and engineered with human generations in mind.


The design team work to reimagine and shape the next generation of seamless experiences that identity will enable. Our platform allows anybody to bring their own vision to the uses that can be made of individual, distributed identity. This applies to the job of bringing Identity to Individuals, Entities, Things and Processes. We serve Internet of Things, we serve Smart Cities. The scope is vast, the platform a global standard.

Our ethos of design led engineering allows us to start with people to understand their expectations and craft global solutions that are easy to use and beautiful.