Make this the last summer of airport travel chaos

After recently making global headlines as the result of their agreement to introduce gateless passport control at Dubai Airport, ObjectTech is leading calls to make this the last summer of airport chaos.

As the annual headlines of travellers trapped in passport queues longer than their actual flights hit the newspapers, ObjectTech Co-Founder Tom Morgan said:

“Year after year holidaymakers in the UK and Europe are faced with queues that are several hours long - it is as if it has become an accepted part of summer”

“The queues are caused by the out-of-date means of checking people when they cross a border - the passport is a technology which pre-dates flight. ObjectTech’s digital passports and gateless border technology mean that simply by using a smartphone, the receiving border can check each passenger in a couple of seconds.”

ObjectTech’s Digital Passport system means holidaymakers won’t end up standing in passport queues, as passengers create a digital version of their passport using a mobile app, and are welcomed across the border using biometric scans (such as facial recognition) whilst walking - meaning no need to stop at passport control. They can get off the plane, and be out of the airport in minutes.

Tom Morgan said:

“Replacing passport desks and passport queues with gateless entry means holidaymakers will be spending less time surrounding by screaming kids, and more time enjoying the sun and a deserved summer break. All with powerful new technology which can be controlled from your phone.”


Nick Swanson