ObjectTech Agreement with the GDRFA Dubai

In April 2017 ObjectTech signed an agreement with the Government of Dubai for a project which will see ObjectTech develop digital passports for seamless entry at Dubai Airport - meaning a passenger will be able to alight their aircraft and walk straight to baggage collection without stopping at passport control.

Blockchains and Biometrics

The agreement means that ObjectTech is working in partnership with Dubai's Immigration and Visas Department (GDRFA - General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners' Affairs) to create the world's first ‘gate-less border’, combing the power of biometric verification and the immutability of blockchain technology.

This will mean passengers arriving in Dubai Airport will be able to step off their flight and walk straight to baggage reclaim via biometric verification whilst they walk - allowing them to be registered into the country using a pre-approved and entirely digitised passport. 

Seamless entry at international airports has been an idea for many years, but it is the advent of the identity trust framework provided by blockchain technology which means for the first time, this is now possible.

ObjectTech is working closely with ISO on the standardisation of blockchain technology - with CEO Paul Ferris sitting as the Chair of the identity working group. Standardisation is vital for a global identity system which will stand the test of time, and expand our collaborative approach worldwide.

Dubai's 10x Policy

The Government of Dubai is committed to making sure all public services are 10 years ahead of the rest of the world, with the GDRFA seeking to make Dubai Airport the most business and tourist friendly airport on earth - and collaboration on digital identity is the cornerstone of making this a reality at Dubai Airport.

CEO Paul Ferris said: "Dubai is really committed to improving the lives of their citizens and visitors through technology and we’re very excited to be a part of making that a reality."

For more information please contact info@objecttechgroup.com

Nick Swanson