ObjectTech at the Financial Services Club


Paul Ferris, the CEO of ObjectTech last night presented the Consensus Ledger Aggregator to the Financial Services Club in the City of London. 

Speaking at the event Paul outlined the challenges for banks, individuals and regulators which are presented by PSD2 and GDPR, and how self-sovereign identity provides many of the solutions.

The Consensus Ledger Aggregator is a payment and accounts aggregator which removes the need for third parties - rather than customer data being collected and monetised by AISPs and PISPs, the individual customer can in effect, be their own aggregator. Banking based on direct and ongoing data permissioning. 

Where PSD2 forces banks to open up a market in data, and GDPR imposes (often punitive) new sanctions for the custody and use of that data.

The Consensus Ledger Aggregator allows for all of the user experience benefits envisaged by PSD2, but by giving private control of the data to the individual, we put them in control of their data and who has access to it.

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Nick Swanson