ObjectTech at Consensus 2016, NY

18th May, 2016, New York City

At Consensus NY during the final session of the conference, ObjectChain CEO Paul Ferris outlined the principles of the Collaboration, and the power of a distributed sovereign system of identity.

Alongside BitTrade Labs Head of Innovation Hugo O'Connor, Paul outlined the basics of the ObjectChain system as well as taking the audience through the technical demonstration of the sovereign ID model. 

Paul shared the stage with Christopher Allen, principal architect at Blockstream, Muneeb Ali of Blockstack as well as Justin Newton of Netki.

A point which was shared by the panel was the need to develop standards in the area of blockchain identity - a point which event organiser Justin Newton said underlay his decision to invite this particular group to speak at the workshop.

Speaking after the event, Paul said "It was a great personal pleasure for me to share the stage with Christopher - someone who's work I have a great deal of respect for. It's clear that there there is agreement emerging on much of the way forward, and I look forward to working with all participants toward a future where everyone can own and administer their own ID".

Something which came across in virtually every discussion which took place across the three day conference was that identity goes to the heart of everything in the blockchain space. There is a clearly an opinion developing across the sector that in order to realise the potential that blockchain has in every sector, whether it is finance, public administration or in supply chains, we need a working system of distributed, sovereign ID.

Further reading on the workshop is available via Consensus hosts CoinDesk.

Nick Swanson