Building the internet of identity

Imagine walking across a border without showing your passport or even stopping at an e-gate.

Imagine opening a bank account instantly, without even sharing your personal data. Still meeting all of the compliance needs of the bank but respecting your privacy and removing the data liability from banks books.

Imagine every service from leisure industries to telecoms all accessed instantly in a personal that still protects your privacy.

We're building an identity infrastructure that will change the world for the better. Opening up services to people who could never access them before, cutting out waste and expense from services that already exist and making life simpler and more convenient for consumers around the globe.

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The team

Paul Ferris
Co-founder  CEO

A systems architect in banking and finance for nearly 30 years, Paul has had a central role in developing the architecture and operation of trust within distributed identity systems. Paul is a regular speaker and thought leader on both identity and blockchain technology.

Dr. Tatiana Cutts

Tatiana is an Assistant Professor at LSE Law . Her interest in distributed ledger technology stems from research into the adaptation of private law mechanisms to cope with modern monetary forms and technology. 

Nick Swanson
Co-founder COO

Nick Swanson is a co-founder of ObjectTech, having made the switch from working for 7 years in Government, politics and public affairs, with the belief that technology – in particular financial technology – provides the greatest opportunity for social change and empowerment in recent history.

Tom Morgan

A travel and immigration focused entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the sector.

Ernie Stelzner

With over 35 years experience in the Financial Services Industry, from Operations to trading, regulations to technology with recognized Blue Chip companies, Ernie Stelzner is a leader in business intelligence, innovation, creativity, business development and strategy.