Digital passports are here.

Take control of your identity, protect your privacy and access a world of more personalised services. 

Identity fit for the 21st century

Imagine crossing a border without showing your passport or stopping at an e-gate. Imagine opening a bank account instantly, without even sharing your personal data.

We're building an identity infrastructure that will change the world for the better giving people back control of their privacy. Opening up services to people who could never access them before, cutting out waste and expense from services that already exist and making life simpler and more convenient for consumers around the globe.




Your data in your control

Protect your privacy with our secure digital identity

Identity is one of the last areas of modern life that has yet to receive a major digital upgrade. 

We're a dedicated team of experts who've been plugging away to solve one of the central problems in today's hyper-connected world. A digital identity that really works. And we've done it. Our technology is identity rebuilt for the digital age.

We believe that your personal data is just that, yours. That means you should be in control. In our connected world we leave digital traces of ourselves all over the place. The quality of the security on all these services is neither consistent or guaranteed and all of them require your to surrender control of your privacy. 

Our system completely changes the way the world handles personal data. We give you a secure identity locker that you can then allow companies and services to access it securely when you choose.




We believe a future where you own your data is better for everyone.

Better for people by giving you control of your privacy. 

Better for the companies that supply services. With access to better data and by removing the liability of data theft and allowing transparent relationships with customers it offer the opportunity to redefine customer relationships.

Our system delivers verified personal data instantly and securely. It's a stable, secure and rapidly scalable platform.

More secure, more private, more accurate and more useful than any system previously available.

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Border control & security

Opening up a world of frictionless travel.

We deliver accurate, reliable passport data served up against a biometric profile. It allows us to process passengers without them even needing to pause at a smart gate. Passport data can flow seamlessly and securely where it's needed without repeatedly showing the same documents.

From ticket purchase and secure site access to going through passport control we're automating decisions, ensuring data integrity  and reducing processing time.

All in a way that is more secure and better protects the privacy of the traveller than the current system.


Privacy compliance for business

Compliance with privacy regulation is about to get incredibly difficult for almost all companies.

We offer a solution that removes data liability and offers companies access to much more accurate customer information. It also gives those customers the comfort that they are in charge of their own data.

The new privacy regulations (GDPR) are coming. Is your company ready?



Banking & finance

The new world of privacy regulation is coming.

Banks are finally offering customers more choice than ever before on how and where you access your money.

Soon to arrive open banking rules are a game changer. Creating new opportunities but also new risks. We offer a better way to manage personal data. For banks we solve problems caused by open banking regulation (PSD2), we offer instant anti money laundering checks and importantly help them conform to the new privacy regulations (GDPR). For individuals we offer a better way to manage your financial data and your money.


The disenfranchised

Realising the right to identity

From refugees needing to access vital services and rebuild their lives to communities that struggle to access all the benefits and services of the modern world there is an urgent need for an identity system that works.

Meet the team

 Diana Mitchell

Paul Ferris

Paul has had a central role in developing the architecture and operation of trust within distributed identity systems. He's a regular speaker and thought leader on identity and blockchain technology

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John Bullard

John Bullard is the Global Identity Ambassador, with an international  background at IdentTrust and Barclays.

 Louis Gupta

Caroline Thomas

Caroline comes fresh from being the Director of Barclays Global Innovation and brings a wealth of experience in transformational technology.

 Sara Turner

Ernie Stelzner

Ernie brings his experience in the financial services industry, from Operations to trading, regulations and technology. He's a leader in business intelligence, innovation, creativity, business development and strategy.

 Shirley James

Pete Sweetnam

Pete has spent years leading humanitarian and development operations for MOAS, Save the Children and Merlin.