Identity solved.

For individuals, business and government

Accurate  |  Secure  |  Private  |  Auditable  |  Compliant  |  Inter-operable

Identity is one of the last areas of modern life that has yet to receive a major digital upgrade. 

We're a dedicated team of experts who've been plugging away to solve one of the central problems in today's hyper-connected world. Creating a digital identity that really works. And we've done it. Our technology is identity rebuilt for the digital age.

Our system delivers verified personal data instantly and securely. It creates trust between parties that don't naturally trust each other. It's a stable, secure and rapidly scalable platform. More secure, more private, more accurate and more useful than any system previously available.

We're building the internet of identity.


 Dubai Future Accelerator

Dubai Future Accelerator


KYC and AML solved.

No more risky customer data liabilities.

Onboarding and customer management for the 21st Century.

Biometric border security solved.

Better verified data and detailed biometrics served up where it's needed.

Increasing border security and improving traveller experience without big spending on infrastructure.